Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow, I just realized that I have exactly 2 weeks until i take my math final. This semester has gone by so fast. But unlike other semesters. I am not scared about taking my final. I have a recital on May 3rd, and take my last final on may 4th.
Then maybe I can get my house looking like someone cares. You would think that having a house full of teens that it would look way better than it does.
I am having a yard sale on the 8th if anyone needs Levi's. I have a bunch. Kids have either outgrown them or refuse to wear them. Theens are very picky on how their pants fit. Go figure. When I was in high school the pants were so tight that it took 2 people to do them up. Then you wore baggy shirts over them.
Well I'm cutting this one short. I need to copy notes for people in my math class.