Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wow, I made it to the end of Fall 09 semester. I'm not completely through but after next Wednesday. I will be. I take my math 1050 final on Tuesday night, and turn in my English final Wednesday morning. The holidays are approaching rather fast. I keep saying that I am going to start my shopping early every year. Well I actually bought my mothers present in August. I just am not in the "Christmas Spirit" I can not get into it. I dont want to think about anything right now. This too shall pass................. Normally I have all of my decorations up and everything looking festive the day before thanksgiving. Not this year. I do not have anything up. And I don't know if it is going up at all this year. I received some christmas presents from a special group of people. I know that the kids will really love the things that they are getting. I just need a big chill pill.
Off my problems. Josh is bringing up his grades. Diana is working on fitting in at her new school. High school is a big transition. Celest is still not attending school but is trying to help more in the house. Joshua has taken over my kitchen. He has been a really big help in cleaning. i know that I would be going crazy right now if it were not for him and all of his help.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well 8 more weeks in this semester. I feel like the little engine struggling up the hill saying "I think I can I think I can". I just hope that I can when it comes to finals.
The kids are doing fine.
Joshua is actually improving in school and I hope (with fingers crossed) that he passes all of his classes. He has passed the point where now everything that he does counts. I just hope that he understands the importance.
Diana is loving high school, all but the early morning seminary. She really wants to sleep in and 5 am comes around really early. Mean mommy me.
Celest is attending the G.I.F.T.S. program 2 days a week for now. Hopefully she will be going more by January. She is becoming more and more stable.
As far as pets go, we have many. 1 dog (Shelby), 4 rabbits (Joe, snow, and 2 others I do not know their names. They are Celest's pets.), 1 bird (Peach), and 2 gerbils (George, and Mary). I feel like I am starting a zoo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Wow, school is in full swing and I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I am taking Math 1050 (College Algebra), English 2010, English 2330 (Children's Lit.), Edu 2010 (Special Ed), and LHAF (walk/run). All together 14 credit hours. Which seems like not very much. But trust me, I have more homework than I have time for. In the end it will all be worth it. It just seems so far off.
Diana started her sophomore year in High school. The only thing that she does not like is the early morning seminary. Getting up and going to school at 5am is hard to handle. She is loving not having to wear a uniform.
Joshua is a 9th grader and is loving it. He is trying to do his homework every night. He wants to go to college. I know that he can do it. His face is really starting to clear up good. The Aquitaine is really working. Plus he realized on the first day of school that he is not the only one with major achene. Josh is 14 and almost 5'8". Not much longer and he will be taller than mom. Diana wishes that she was taller. The Dr. told her Wednesday that she is not going to grow much taller. She is measuring in at 5'3" and not very happy about that. Josh has also taken 1/2 of my garage and turned into a study/game/teen hang out. I never thought that I would love having a TV in my garage, and would be lying if I said that I miss the sounds from Halo. Because im not.
Celest has started another year at G.I.F.T.S. and is still going to walmart on wednesday's. She is looking forward to going full time, as soon as she is more stable. She still is not sleeping very well. Which has caught up with her today. It is 9:33 am and she is still in bed asleep. She really needs it though. She turned 20 on the 20th of August, and is not liking being an adult. She also finally has her state ID and a library card. So she is spending alot of time at the library reading animay ( I have no clue how to spell that) books. She loves to read those commic books.
Diana's sweet 16 party was a blast. We had a live band, lots of pizza, and candy. I will post pictures later.
Everyone is healthy and loving life.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just think if you had the choice to relive your life what if anything would you change? If you did change something what would you miss that you have now because of the decisions?
If I had to make this choice. I would not change a thing. I love my children and the life that we have now. If I had gone down a different road I would not know if I would have them here with me now.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

We are just trying to get everything done in the house. So that we can all return to school this month. I am the only one excited about going tho.