Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Well 8 more weeks in this semester. I feel like the little engine struggling up the hill saying "I think I can I think I can". I just hope that I can when it comes to finals.
The kids are doing fine.
Joshua is actually improving in school and I hope (with fingers crossed) that he passes all of his classes. He has passed the point where now everything that he does counts. I just hope that he understands the importance.
Diana is loving high school, all but the early morning seminary. She really wants to sleep in and 5 am comes around really early. Mean mommy me.
Celest is attending the G.I.F.T.S. program 2 days a week for now. Hopefully she will be going more by January. She is becoming more and more stable.
As far as pets go, we have many. 1 dog (Shelby), 4 rabbits (Joe, snow, and 2 others I do not know their names. They are Celest's pets.), 1 bird (Peach), and 2 gerbils (George, and Mary). I feel like I am starting a zoo.

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